Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)

The Crossroads 312 Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) is attached below. Please note that some of the files are quite large and may take a few moments to download.Copies of the proposed Site Plans are included in Volume 1 – Chapter 24.

The files attached to this page are presented by Chapter, in the order as found in the FEIS, and include the maps and illustrations included in the FEIS as well as a full set of Site Plans. Some chapters may have multiple files due to the size of the file. Please note that the final print copy was done with a cover and chapter headings on green paper which are not reflected in these files. In the .pdf files, the cover and chapter headings are on white paper.

* In addition to the traffic report provided in Chapter 15, the applicant has provided a number of files for use with SYNCHRO software which are located in Volume 3, Tab 6, Traffic Appendix. The results of these SYNCHRO files have been integrated into Chapter 15. These files require specialized software to be used to view the study results. They are provided here only for completeness.