Crossroads 312 is a proposed economic development and job creation project located in the Town of Southeast, NY. The project includes 143,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space with a 100 room hotel located on just over 50 acres of land at the intersection of NYS Route 312 and Interstate 84.


Jobs700+ good paying jobs

Maximum heightRetail 38 feet; Hotel 45 feet (4 stories)

Tax impacts$5.2+ Million is direct tax benefit, nearly $860
in tax benefit per household in Southeast

Parking721 parking spaces

Retail Space139,250 square feet

Impervious surface14 acres

Hotel100 room hotel

Site disturbance area35 acres

Restaurant3,750 square feet

Police and Fire Safety Implicationsnone


The proposed project is expected to bring over 700 new jobs to our community. A total of 391 full time jobs, 158 part time jobs and over 160 construction jobs are expected to be created, pending town approval.


The proposed project will have an overall positive effect on the Town of Southeast and Putnam County. The Final Environmental Impact Statement estimates that the proposed project will generate approximately $1,756,268 in property taxes. Providing additional local shopping opportunities will also serve as a new means for the county to capture sales tax dollars. According to the Putnam County Economic Development Corporation, the 143,000 square feet is expected to generate approximately 42.9 million in revenue. Applying the 8.375 percent sales tax to the proposed retail use, future sales tax revenue generated from the proposed development, excluding the revenue from the hotel, would be more than $3.5 million annually.


The project developers have worked with the local police and fire departments to ensure that safety is the number one priority in the planning stages of the Crossroads 312 project.

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, along with the New York State Police provide primary police services to the entire town of Southeast. The State Police, on average, have 1 to 3 patrols dedicated to Southeast during the daytime and 1 to 2 patrols overnight.

The Sheriff’s Office has a minimum of two patrols assigned to the area of the county where the proposed project would be built. The Brewster Fire Department has also endorsed the project saying they have more than enough resources to handle existing coverage and the project.


Crossroads 312 has proposed an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) infrastructure, which would help to optimize traffic signal operations, provide better coordination between signals and improve the overall progression of traffic throughout the Route 312 corridor to reduce stops and delays.